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  1. Jimmy says:

    Please answer this because sounds like B's to me.
    The idea of satellites perplexes me in that a special pixie dust must be being used to allow these to exist. I'm really confused with regard to satellite navigation and energy economics of the 4,084 satellites in space, in fact after watching many satellites YouTube videos no one is asking or covering the obvious. I had these thoughts. The videos never include the many satellites currently operating within Earth's atmosphere). Therefore please Explain how the 4,084 operating satellites currently in space, not the 28,000 expired crafts) how are these units steadied and kept in nearly perfect position of their target, each keeping a separate target with different agendas each following the earth around the sun at 67,000 mph fueled by a monopropellant including hydrogen carrying oxidation (oxygen) sealed with helium as the satellites simultaneously have to spin with the speed of the earth at over 1,000 mph maintain their target and then explain fuel economics please? So many various things are going here with each craft, someone has to be navigating (steering) each satellite independently? Who are they? Where do they learn this? What university teaches this program? What do they practice with as a demo? If not human interaction, a program is used (what is the name of the program and which company designed it)? Prior to functional computer programs who did this manual orchestral requirement? Not less important, please explain how these crafts get such incredible fuel mileage when our autos get between 5 to 6 mph for commercial trucks, up to 35 mpg for hybrids yet there is no refueling for satellites? I calculate that depending on the length of years each satellite with it's burn rate of steering and the tremendous amount of corrective steering needed each second to maintain their target traveling at 67,000 mph along with the spin of earth at 1000 (more) mph and no friction because of the vacuum ( therefore these will be burning more, not less fuel in space than if they were in Earth's atmosphere, these are getting 5,000,000 miles per lb of fuel. Am I wrong? What is the correct miles per pound or kilo? Further there should be collisions of these satellites constantly. Why don't we hear about more collisions? Then who and what communicates with each person or program to insure that these are harmoniously keeping distance from one another as a warning system to take corrective action to prevent destruction in the event of a collision and what government or corporate body is in place to bring together the US which operates roughly 2000 Units leaving the others to be operated by China, Russia, Japan, the EU, India, Pakistan etc? These are just a few broader questions and if someone can answer them I will have a few follow up questions."

  2. ZinnMS says:

    This is bullshit. We already have internet. What are they talking about. Do you think people in 3rd world countries are going to go out and buy a lap top? Instead of food or shoes or medicine? No. The government is up to something and musk is the face they put on it . And why I. The he'll are they letting a "private citizen" polite our solar system? 42,000? Am I the only ly person that is uneasy about this?

  3. Preston Kendall says:

    Behind the scenes they trying to mind control people that's what they are up to ? Why that many satellites every person will have THER own satellite 🛰️ ?? Trying to end humanity ??

  4. -][][- says:

    What is the benifit of 40-60 thousand satellites at 500km with limited serviceable lifespan due to the orbital decay at such altitudes, instead of a fraction of the 40-60thou satellites at the more conventional 1500km, which also have a much longer serviceable lifespan.

    I'm not a smart man but it doesn't seem to stack up financially, no?

  5. Peter says:

    The sky as we know it will never look the same. Chine wants to destroy this network. 42000 on top of the thousands of satellites already up there. We need a system to retrieve space garbage and recycle the gold and other materials that could be recycled. The sun blocking feature may help solve global warming.

  6. Diego Garberoglio says:

    If instead of having the goal to "bring high-speed internet connection to every corner of the planet" these multi-billionaire scumbags had the goal to save the planet from climate change, the wold would perhaps be a better place.

  7. Joshua Baldwin says:

    I'm just saying…while I on the wall about this conspiricqy…It has been put into my head through media over the years. Qnd they're hinting onto something right now including E.T. . I'm sure this amount of Starlink satellites would be capable of projecting an alien invasion.
    Anybody have thoughts on this??? I'm interested to hear what people think about that whole possibility.