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  1. Rex London says:

    Good morning Mosh, Please I want to become a full-stack developer for building apps. And I want to known if you run online training course, in fact like your videos

  2. Ben says:

    Woah that DVD player metaphor is outstanding. I’ve been really struggling with wrapping my head around OOP but that metaphor really helped things click for me. Well done, and subscribed! Looking forward to checking out your python vids!

  3. Space Age EXP says:

    I'm currently in Programming II at my college which is specifically an object oriented programming class. This video really helped me see what my current class is about. Thanks!

  4. John Smith says:

    The polymorphism example makes zero sense. You still need to have a place in the code where there is a switch statement. Using classes nicely moves this code into a method but it's still there… This is just more encapsulation/abstraction, it's not a new concept why are you giving it a new name?

  5. Hala Idris says:

    Great explanation !! Thank you!. Maybe I'm an easy person to be distracted or its my love for music. I couldn't focus well because of the background music :3

  6. Pavan Kumar says:

    Encapsulation : grouping related variables and functions operating on them. (Reduce complexity)
    Abstraction: hiding complex data and methods from user (simple interface)
    Polymorphism: many forms .. to avoid long if else statements RENDER
    Inheritance: inherent the qualities of a code (to remove redundant code)

  7. Leon Jones says:

    Thanks very much for explaining the underpinning of OOP. I get this. i have read books to describe this but this is the clearest I have seen anywhere. Thanks!

  8. Mazen Mohammad says:

    In 2:30, there is a major difference. In the procedural paradigm, I every time I use the function getwage I will pass parameters to the function what make the output different each time according to the parameters, But in the object oriented paradigm the output of function getwage is the same each time?!
    In the object oriented paradigm, to change the out put of the getwage function I will have to define 3 other functions "setters" ! So what is the benefit from OOP?

  9. Владимир Предоев says:

    This is the first ever video that I watch about OOP, in fact this is the first ever information I learn about the OOP. Honestly speaking – I grasped the general idea. After watching it two more times I think I understood the concepts. From a single video from the first time. Thank you, Mosh! Thank you for braking down the complex matter into easily digestible bite sized bits.