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  1. Shahd Mousa says:

    That was great but does anyone know how to turn on the button of sort? I selected multiple lines of unordered alphapetical words but I can't click on it it's unclickable

  2. Lhingjaneng Touthang says:

    Sir I'm new to dis wonderful work of yours..I like the video so much that I have watched all the ads in dis particular video..Tq for existing and giving good service to younger students..
    Stay healthy and blessed Sir..😇

  3. Susan Marie says:

    I have a major issue no one has been able to help me with. I am working on a book. Sometimes I’ll edit and then I end up with having to bring text together or backspace to bring text up to the previous line. I always end up with a mess when I go to copy text and paste directly into an email. The spacing gets all messed up. I end up with single space, double space, sometimes even triple space. It looks amateurish. Literary agents and/or publishers do not allow sending email with attachment. You have to copy and paste directly into the email.

  4. Forum says:

    Dear Sir, I want to know how to change a Capitalised word into a word where the first letter is big and the rest of the letters are small (still the word is

  5. Myrealmetv Android says:

    While moving the second line of the sentence with the tab to the right , the above lines too move along with left indent and when I try to drag it back everything goes back and not just first line. It is really frustrating me. Please suggest what to do?

  6. The Real Friends says:

    Hello sir
    I am having problem in only one topic.
    Sir what is Word wrapping it is also given textbooks but I am unable to understand it please sir make me understand sir it's hard for me please sir can you make video on this topic
    Thank you sir


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