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  1. Inland Taipan says:

    This is the story of how you arrived on Isla Unga Bunga! You were on a cruise ship at sea. You ran into a Tornado/Hurricane (because we know how much you met Tornadoes in this video) and your ship was badly damaged. You passed out and woke up on a deserted island. The ship was nowhere in sight and it wouldn't matter if it was. You were the only survivor. You called this island "Isla Unga Bunga." The water was shark infested. You heard a rumbling from the volcano. This is when you knew… It would be extremely difficult to survive here. Help would come in 100 days.

  2. Agent G Edwards says:

    I think he should have made underground tunnels so he can get to his house safely if a storm hit. Other than that, he did a good job, especially with the house