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  1. Satish Jindal says:

    I was looking for a good massage gun and after some research I found beatXP Bolt Deep Tissue Massage Gun. After using this, I felt that it is a great product. Good built quality and is very effective. My suggestion is to buy this without thinking much.

  2. Harshita Bansal says:

    I used the beatxp massager for faster recovery from the muscle soreness and beatxp massager is cheaper and better than any massager and if you want extra discount then i can give you a special coupon code for that

  3. manas sigh says:

    I've used the agaro massage gun but it is not that much effective so i gifted to my friend a massage gun of beatxp, my friend is associated with desk job so he's always suffering from muscle pain and now his review of the product is pretty much fine. He liked the product.


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