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  1. TULUS RECORD says:

    hallo pak,pendatang baru pak di channel bapak,saya dari asal negara indonesia pak.

    saya senang sekali nonton di channel bapak ini dan sangat bangga dan bahagia nontonnya dan sangat terhibur saya nontonnya.

    semoga sukses iya bapak di channel bapak.

    salam dari saya bapak channel youtube @tulusrecord.

    salam kenal buat bapak dan salam kompak,salam satu hobi pak.

  2. JustMike says:

    sad state of the world…looks like NYC rush hour traffic….glad I grew up in the 60's and 70's on my Dad's boat….plenty of room for all……oh well….happy motoring

  3. Sherry Jimenez says:

    BUYER BEWARE.. THEY STOLE OUR MONEY. We ordered merchandise 9 months ago and nothing yet. Email dozens of times they'll refund.. 9 months and nothing.. THIEVES DON'T WAIST YOUR MONEY

  4. Avery Daymond says:

    Pausing it at 5:37, the view is amazing🧐.
    I think if I were to start a conversation with Laura I’d probably say listen I’ve never truly understood what a nautical mile is, I need to know.

  5. Nate says:

    Once again, another place that looks like heaven. But with a woman like Laura in a bikini for companionship, any place is heaven. Though the sailing life does look pretty darn wonderful. 🙂

  6. Steve Newdell says:

    Kudos for your camera work and editing. The new drones allow you to make high power Hollywood film making possible with just one or two people and on a low budget. I'm duly impressed. Just below this comment Paolo Ferreri and I agree. You're learning more and doing very well. I earned a 2-year degree in TV production long ago. I couldn't do any better.

  7. Thadeus Richards says:

    Did you say… PHUKET? Ill be damned. HI Im Thadeus Richards and i saw that sign in the background, that catamaran youre loading up over there and this lovely young lady right here! And I thought to myself, "Self, when in phucket, what else do you talk about than…" You two like to cook dont ya? you get off out there in the middle of nowhere on the water, well if you wanna eat, you have to cook. Let me introduce to you the state of the art, top of the line, nasa approved… PHUCKET COOKING AND BAKEWARE!! It cooks, it holds, hell it even cooks what it holds! make it and bake it all in one dish, and the best part is, when youre done, you just say… PHUCKET! I see yall are busy so heres my card, yall run along and chase her around like a lifesize shark! call me when you return. HEY!! WHAT ROOM ARE YOU IN! thanks 50% discount